Bleaching, the gentle way of brightening your teeth!

Brilliant white teeth are the expression of health and vitality. Unfortunately, teeth become darker over the years.

If your teeth have lost the seductive pearl luster, this is no reason to forget the laughter.

With a special gel , your teeth can be lightened carefully without damaging them.

Zahnarzt in Kelkheim Bleaching


There are cases, where a decision for implants (artificial teeth roots) would be the best solution for the patient. Implants replace missing teeth including the teeth root. Implants are replacing former teeth in the jawbone.

During the healing time the bone grows around the implant. At the end this implant sits in it’s place where former teeth root was, firmly positioned in the bone.

Crowns, bridges or prosthesis can be fastened easily, safe and permanently. Grinding of healthy teeth isn’t needed to fix eventually needed dentures.

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Child Dental Care

The first Years in a child’s life are vital for healthy teeth.

If children’s teeth stay healthy at a young age, dental problems are very rare as an adult. Your children will be grateful for this care.

To reach this goal we support you with the following:

  • Preventive Medical Check-up for early diagnosis of damages
  • Individual Preventive Programs your child’s healthy teeth.

Prophylaxis costs are covered by health insurance! Most prophylaxis measures for youngsters up to the age of 18 are paid by private and legal health insurance companies.

For youngsters up to the age of 18 there are no cash fees for health insurance to be deposited in dental practice.

There is no reason, why you should not participate in prophylaxis for your child. Get to know more about the possibilities to keep children’s teeth healthy.

Child Dental Care


Dentures, for a better attitude to life!

Dentures could become necessary in cases of strong caries, gums illnesses, after accidents or due to incorrect dental growth.

Dentures are necessary to restore the chewing function and to avoid possible secondary damages in the Temporomandibular joint and neighboring teeth. Aesthetics plays an important role too, because especially missing front teeth or sunken cheek areas can disadvantageously change the expression of the face.

Following are the prosthesis solutions a dentist could offer to solve these problems with dentures:

  • Crowns
  • Partial Crowns
  • Bridges
  • Partial prosthesis (Artificial replacement)
  • Complete prosthesis (Artificial replacement)
  • Implants

We could offer you extended guarantee for dentures solutions- just ask us.

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Periodontal Treatment

Keep your healthy teeth up to old age!

If teeth are not thoroughly cleaned specially at hard accessible areas (dental space), layers of plaque could retreat there. Aggressive bacteria could appear and the gums could become inflamed.

If it happens that bacteria gets down to teeth’s roots, these bacteria could destroy the dental holding apparatus. Gum pockets could arise in which other bacterial colonies settle.

Due to inflammatory processes resulting from this, the jawbone starts to break up. Bacteria could infiltrate the blood circulation and can lead to heart muscle inflammations and to weakening of immune system.

If periodontitis stays untreated it will lead to dental loss.

Zahnarzt in Kelkheim Parodontalbehandlung

Prophylaxis, because preventing is better than healing!

Main cause for illness and damages on teeth’s hard substance and gums is a special bacteria which lives in the oral environment and produces aggressive acids. With food leftovers and bacterial dismantling materials dental plaque occurs.

If plaque remains on the teeth surface and the gingival edges for a longer period of time, caries and gingival illnesses (Periodontitis) originates.

Preventive measures could be established by individual prophylaxis in the dentist's practice which include -among other treatments- regular controls and dental enamel hardening by fluorides.

However, the most important step is the professional teeth-cleaning and teeth smoothing. Hardly accessible areas of teeth can be kept clean at home only insufficiently.

It’s your choice: a lifelong prophylaxis or lifelong treatment!

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